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My Gift of Wonders

Monthly Product Box and Spiritual

Transformation Membership - Program

Life is a gift.  Learning to see life with divine childlike wonder, appreciation and joy, can help us tackle difficult situations in a more positive way, allowing us to bounce back faster from hardships, have more self-love, feel emotionally stronger, more confident and better prepared for the future.


This can help us create a life filled with abundant health, great loving relationships, amazing financial opportunities, more money flow and long-lasting peace of mind.  


To help our customers experience that childlike feeling of expectation, wonder and appreciation and support them in their journey to achieve a more spiritually fulfilling life filled with the best things that life has to offer, Divine Sisters Metaphysical Store is very excited to introduce, “My Gift of Wonders” Monthly Product Box and Spiritual Transformation, Membership Program  


By introducing monthly life changing lessons that are supported by beautiful, spiritual, healing and self-improvement products, easy to follow information, guidance, exercises, and much much more, we will help you gain clarity about the true divine plan of your life and take decisive step by step action to create positive long-lasting spiritual, emotional, physical and mental changes, that can bring about amazing miracles in your life.  


What you will get with “My Gift of Wonders” Monthly Product Box and Spiritual Transformation - Membership Program: 


There are three great membership options in this program to choose from.  We encourage you to choose the one that feels right for you.  

  • All taxes and delivery charges are included for memberships within Canada.  


  • Additional delivery charges will apply for international memberships.  Please note, all local charges are the responsibility of the recipient.  


“My Gift of Wonders” first box, will be shipped to you within FIVE days of your initial time of subscription and will be mailed every first week of every month, thereafter.   


We invite you to take the first forward step towards transforming your life.  We truly believe you deserve a better life experience, than what you have right now.  


Join us today and let’s begin this amazing journey together.  


Looking forward to seeing you on the other side!

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