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 Well-Being Practitioners

Holistic Healing Treatment Appointments with Special Discount

We all need re-charging physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually at some point of our healing journey.  As our clients visit us and experience our healing practices to obtain optimum health, so do we.  It is for that reason that we created this  page to assist our fellow healing practitioners to book their re-charging healing time and reap the benefits of feeling amazing and rejuvenated whether on a physical or energetic level.  When you book your appointment with us you not only receive a 20% discount but supreme support from us anytime you need it.  

Use Code :  EARTHHEALERS  (to receive 20% off, when you are ready to book your session)

Note: Your family members will receive a 10% discount from all our services, please Use Code:  FAMILYHEALING

So what are you waiting for?  Book with us and experience the change you being wanted to have with  your family, business and most of all yourself.

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Ontario, CANADA
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