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It all started one dark and stormy night...Just kidding!

It all started when a dream to share my art and my love for the quirky side of life became a reality. For years, I have been promoting the term "Affordable Art", which is ultimately something that I want to give to the world: artwork that the average folk can afford.  Thus, my products came came to be.

But what about the quirky side of life?  I can't explain it (perhaps it's the coffee?) but the quirky side of life has always been a creative drive for me.

I am always looking for the controversial, the censored, the underdogs, the hush-hush and the revolutionary side of human existence. At the same time, I also hunt for the light-heartedness side of human nature. To me, these are the things that bind us together as a species: a mixture of triumph and humour.

But then why call it ‘Little Hexen? Here’s a brief breakdown as to why:Little—I am the shortest in my family of Jötunns (giants) Plus, the word in itself is adorable!Hexen—German word for ‘Witches’. For centuries, witches have been the rebellious and epic beings in the field of Theogony (seems fitting)At the end of the day, (even if you do or do not order anything) that you smile at the corny puns, learn something new from the unique designs and look upon the world with new eyes to see that we are all a little bit magicalThank you, from myself and the underworld.

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Little Hexing Corner

Connecting The Physical and the Metaphysical

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