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Foggy Forest

Orgone Energy

Orgone energy is the life force energy emitted by every living thing.  It was first scientifically documented by Dr. Wilhelm Reich an Austrian scientist born in the alpine lands in 1897.  It is the same energy referred to by ancient cultures as life force, Prana or Chi energy.  This energy has the potential to heal our bodies, our minds and change our lives for the better. 


Orgone energy is everywhere around us.  It connects us as living beings to the universal force.  It is found in all what we can see and what we cannot see.  


This energy is also within us in every cell of our bodies.  When we are born, this energy flows freely in our energy fields, but as we grow and develop as individuals, we may encounter situations in our lives that may create stagnant energy.  This stagnant energy can settle in any part of our bodies, stopping the flow of life force energy and creating disease.  This stagnant energy is referred by scientists, as DOR (Deadly Orgone Energy) and it is responsible for physical and emotional turbulence and degeneration in the body.  It is also the energy that keeps us stuck into our current life circumstances.  


Our life force energy can also become DOR by exposure to strong Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) which are emitted by electronic devices, cell phone towers, electrical power towers, wind turbines and any generator of strong electrical current.  This is why EMFs can have a very damaging effect on our health.  


In order to harness the power of the Orgone energy freely flooding all around us and use it to clear and clean stagnant energy in our bodies, Dr. Reich put together what he called an Orgone Energy Accumulator.  The Orgone Energy Accumulator has changed since its original conception.  It has now become a powerful energy healing tool that still integrates Dr. Reich’s scientific concepts.  


We invite you to explore our Divine Sisters powerful collection of Orgone Energy Accumulator Jewellery and figurines.  Our powerful Orgone Energy products also incorporate the healing and life changing properties of gemstones, sacred geometry, positive intentional energy and Reiki Healing energy to help protect you from EMFs, dissolve energetic blockages, balance your chakras, clear negative energy in your self and in your home, help heal your body, your mind and ultimately bring positive transformation into your life.

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