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How it All Began


Our Spiritual Wake Up Call


We  were both working for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, holding jobs that kept us busy from early morning to late at night.   Weekdays and weekends.  Always trying to meet deadlines, feeling obligated to keep ourselves available to our place of work even after our workday has ended and feeling extremely guilty if we didn’t.  Pushing ourselves out bed every morning to make our way through hours of never ending traffic to a job we had no real passion for.  A job we kept doing, so that we could keep paying our bills.  A job that was very demanding, not only of our time, but of our personal and family life.  We had like they say, “NO LIFE”.  


This was the scenario of our lives while working and living in the corporate world.   Until one day everything changed.  The Universe made the final call to each one of us individually and at separate times (Thank God!).  It sent us gigantic signals, we could no longer ignored. 


I Regina was the first one to receive the final wake up call.  After coming from a trip to Florida, I developed a strange affliction.  I lost my appetite completely.  I did not feel like eating anything and drinking even water was a struggle for me.  I lost almost 60 pounds in one month and kept losing weight very rapidly.  The doctors could not find the physical reason for this and therefore could not offer me any solutions.  The family was very worried and preparing for the worst.  Then a message came to me one day, that I needed to get away from everything and spend time close to nature.  So I did just that and rented a cottage in northern ontario, in the middle of nowhere, where I was blessed to receive the energy and wisdom of nature to re-charge my batteries and guide my life into a new direction.  After I came back from my time away, I was a different person, I gained my appetite back, began studying Energy Healing, left my job and began to follow my passion.


I America came next, I was living in Mississauga at the time, working for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.  One Sunday afternoon, I was making my way back home on the QEW from a visit to a friend in Hamilton, when I felt the life in my body was being drained, sort of like when you pull a plug out of an electrical socket.  As I felt I was losing consciousness, I miraculously managed to stop the car on the side of the highway.  I was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and was later released.  I got to visit the emergency room many more times after that experience, as my condition worsen, I would not eat and I did not have any energy to get out of bed.  Doctors could not find any physical reason that could justify my symptoms and could offer no solutions, so I was left to deal with the situation on my own.  With the support and love of my beautiful family, I left my career, moved to the family home and started my healing journey using alternative treatments.  After this experience, my life changed, as I gained a new perspective in life, a deep appreciation for my health and the health of others and love and respect for myself and my life purpose.  


 Following Our Life Purpose Fearlessly


After the Universe had to drastically shake us up, to wake us up, we embarked on a quest for knowledge that took us through the alternative healing and metaphysical realms.  We became very interested in the healing powers of gemstones and crystals, Ancient philosophies, nutrition, energy healing, Angels, sacred geometry, alternative therapies and more.  We then decided to make our true passion, our business and opened two companies, “Divine Intentions Jewellery and Choice4Healing”.  We used our artistic and energy healing skills to make beautiful healing gemstone and crystal jewellery that had the intention to change peoples’ life for the better.  We also used our alternative healing skills and knowledge to bring healing to others with our Choice4Healing mobile spa.  Two of our passions finally realized. 


The Birth of Divine Sisters Metaphysical Store


After many years working in what we were so passionate about, the universe, once more, started sending us messages through people that we met, friends and also through our own thoughts and feelings.  We kept thinking and feeling that we needed to take the next big step and open a location, so that we could bring our two businesses together and be able to help others in a better and more personal way.  We listened and trust our intuition and took the biggest leap of faith, we have ever taken in our lives.  Divine Sisters Metaphysical Store is the result of years of soul searching, transformation, new found knowledge, great experiences, hard work, tears and lots and lots of lessons learned.  It is a place that offers others the chance to awaken, to learn, to grow and to heal not just their spirit, but their mind and body as well. A place where people can feel safe and be their true self.  A place where everyone can be empowered to create a better life for themselves and those they love.  This is the reason Divine Sisters Metaphysical Store came to be and the guiding force behind our life purpose. 


Why The Name Divine Sisters?


Although, the name Divine Sisters is a great fit for both of us sisters, we also had a deeper intention in giving this name to the store. 


Divine Sisters to us represents the unity of the divine female energy that exists among all of us (women and men).  The energy of Mother Nature that encompasses, compassion, love, understanding, forgiveness, peace, caring, vulnerability, believe, oneness and more.  By celebrating and expressing this powerful energy everyday, we allow our true selves to emerge and transform our lives.  “Divine Sisters” highlights the divinity in all of us and our inherent potential to make our lives and the world we live in, a more loving, joyful and caring place.    



America and Regina 


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Our Magical Story

The Tale of Two Sisters

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