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Healing Your Emotions With Orgone Energy

From years of helping many clients in our healing practice, as well as, from our own personal experiences, we have seen first hand, how emotional blocks can create not just mental hardships, but also serious life and health challenges.

Therefore, in order to help ourselves and our clients find true emotional healing, we constantly research and test new energy tools, that have the potential to heal emotional issues at the source.

In this blog we will share with you, our experience with one of these energy tools, Orgone Energy. This tool is not only easy to use, but we believe that it has a very positive effect on the body's energy field and therefore on emotions.

Orgone Energy can help heal emotional blocks by transforming stagnant emotional energy into free flowing energy, that can easily move through our energy channels and be processed out of the body, so that we are able to experience our emotions, in a healthier and more positive manner.

how emotions get blocked

As we grow up, we experience many events in our lives, these events may be happy events, like tasting our first ice cream or experiencing our first kiss, but may also be, unhappy and traumatic events, like being yelled at for something we didn't do or falling from a high place and braking our leg. The level of trauma or joy we experience from our happy and unhappy events, depends on our beliefs.

Our beliefs influence how we see and experience life, but many of these beliefs come from our own parents, family and society. When we are young, we learn to see life through the eyes of the outside world, before we know it, we have taken other people's stories and made them our own. We not only take in other people beliefs, but the energy created from those beliefs.

Every thought that we have, either positive or negative, is influenced by our beliefs. Also, every thought that we experience in our minds, is actually made of energy. If this thought energy is strengthen and allowed to grow, it then becomes an emotion. It has been said that emotion is "energy in motion". This energy in motion can influence our behaviour and if it is not kept in motion and released, it also has the power to affect our health and the way we feel.

It is believed in the alternative healing world, that we and everything around us is made of energy and that the solid appearance of objects that our eyes see every day, has to do with the shape this energy takes and its behaviour. Our overall physical and mental health depends on whether this energy is allowed to flow and move freely.

When we have a negative or positive experience in our lives, the energy of this experience, coupled by our preconceived ideas and beliefs, can form a thought in our minds that can give rise to a negative or positive emotion. Positive emotions usually add or enhance the normal flow of the energy in our bodies, but negative emotions, specially the ones that have a great impact on us, if not properly processed by our mind, can hinder or stop the flow of emotional energy in our bodies all together. When the emotional energy in our bodies is stoped from its natural flow, we experience emotional blocks and these in turn can prevent us from feeling good, enjoying life and attracting good experiences into our lives.

how blocked emotions can affect the way you feel

If you ever felt stuck, unhappy, fed up, like there is no way out and no matter what you do, nothing seems to go your way or make you feel any better, than you have experienced blocked emotional energy.

Blocked energy can show itself in many different forms, from anger to anxiety, depression and apathy. We all carry something inside that makes us feel not quite ourselves, that stops us from enjoying life, seeing opportunities and moving forward. We don't usually like to feel this way, so we either try to ignore the feeling or num it down with something that can distract us from it (i.e. alcohol, eating, shopping). This may work for a few hours, but the emotions manage to resurface once again and we are back to square one. How do we get off the hamster wheel, how do we end this vicious cycle and get on with our lives? You are about to learn how to use one amazing energy tool, to help you move and release blocked emotional energy, so that you can start enjoying your life once again. Let's start with learning the basics about this energy tool and then show you how to use it.

What is Orgone Energy?

Orgone energy, is also known in many ancient cultures, as Life Force, Prana and Chi energy. It is the energy that gives life to every living thing in nature. This energy is present in every part of our body. It runs through us, allowing our cells to function, our brains to think and our hearts to keep beating. It is the energy that remains, even after our physical bodies no longer exist.

Although many ancient cultures have been aware of this powerful energy for thousands of years and have developed many different ways to hardness its healing potential, this energy had never been scientifically documented, until Dr. Wilhelm Reich, an Austrian scientist studying bioelectricity in the 1930s, discovered an energy particle, he named Orgone. He believed that Orgone Energy particles could have a healing effect in the body and the mind and he began to develop devices to hardness the power of Orgone Energy to heal. His idea was that these devices would use Orgone Energy to shift negative stagnant energy (also called DOR - Deadly Orgone Energy) causing disease in the body, to a more positive free flowing energy that can help the body to heal.

So, in order to harness the power of Orgone energy and use it to clear and clean stagnant energy in our bodies, Dr. Reich put together what he called an Orgone Energy Accumulator.

Although, the designed of the Orgone Energy Accumulator has been modified, since its original conception, it is still nevertheless, in our opinion, a very powerful energy healing tool that continues to integrate Dr. Reich’s original scientific concepts.

What is an Orgone Energy accumulator?

An Orgone Energy accumulator is a device that absorbs Orgone energy from the environment and is then able to transfer this energy to a person, animal, plant, etc.

The original Orgone Energy Accumulator was a big wooden cabinet, big enough to fit a person, that was lined with metal, cotton and steel wool. It was believed by Dr. Reich, that the organic material (i.e. cotton) placed in the wooden box, would absorb Orgone Energy and hold it in place, meanwhile, the inorganic material (i.e. metal and steel wool), would take this energy and transfer it to the body. We believe this process could be similar to how solar panels catch the light particles (i.e. Photons) from the sun and transform it into electricity, that we can then use to power the electrical appliances in our households.

The newer forms of Orgone Energy Accumulators, have changed in design, but continue to follow Dr. Reich's original concept. The modern versions of the Orgone Energy Accumulator are built into figurines of many shapes, including Pyramids, Spheres, Pendants, etc. that are made up of resin (an organic material) and include layers of metal shavings (i.e. Copper, Silver, Aluminum, Gold) and can also include gemstones and sacred geometry symbols, to further increase the power of the accumulators.

how to use Orgone Energy accumulators to release Blocked emotions?

Orgone Energy Accumulators are fantastic tools that can help to move emotional blocks by converting blocked emotional energy into free flowing energy. When the energy of our negative emotions is allow to move freely through our energy channels, which are located through out our body, we are able to process these emotions with more ease and by doing this, we allow the energy of these emotions to be released from our bodies, instead of this negative energy settling inside of us, causing disease or affecting the way we feel and how we approach life.

The way we believe this works, is that Orgone Energy Accumulators, direct Orgone Energy into the blocked emotional energy, which we believe is energy that is vibrating at a lower frequency and has become more dense and unable to move and flow freely (It is made up of what is called Deadly Orgone Energy or DOR). The Orgone Energy, then causes the block emotional energy to start vibrating into a higher frequency, allowing it to flow and begin to move freely through the energy channels. It is sort of like dissolving a clog in your sink with vinegar and baking soda, so that it can easily pass through the pipes and be released.

How we use an Orgone Energy Accumulator to help release blocked emotional energy is easy. What we usually do is placed the Orgone Energy Accumulator on the heart, with the intention to find and dissolve any emotional energy blocks in the body. We like to place the Orgone Energy Accumulator on the heart, as we believe is the centre of power in the body, but you can place the Orgone Energy Accumulator anywhere you like on your body. It is particularly powerful, when it is placed along the Chakra energy centres, as it helps to dissolve energy blockages associated with each Chakra. What is very important though, is to have the intention that the Orgone Energy Accumulator is going to find and dissolve the emotional blocks that are affecting your life and not allowing you to move forward. By setting this intention, you are directing the Orgone energy to where it needs to go and allowing it to do what it needs to do to help you.

How to choose the best Orgone Energy accumulator for you?

There are many different styles and shapes of Orgone Energy Accumulators, as many as the imagination can conceive. You can also make your own, as there are many YouTube videos that give great instructions on how to make simple and beautiful ones. We learned to make our own a few years ago and making them have become an amazing spiritual experience for us. We always infuse our Orgone Energy Accumulators with powerful healing intentions. We also love making them in sacred geometry shapes like the Pyramid and the circle, as well as, adding to them, sacred geometry symbols, healing gemstones and Reiki healing energy.

When choosing an Orgone Energy Accumulator, we recommend you go with your heart and choose the shape and style that you resonate most with. Whether you buy it or you make it, your mind and your body knows deep inside what is best for you. Go with your first instinct and you will never be wrong.

If you are interested, you can check out some of the Orgone Energy Accumulators we have available at our online store, We also have Orgone Energy Jewellery (i.e. Pendants and Earrings) and much more! We are always creating, so you never know what new and exciting Orgone Energy Accumulators, you will find next.

We sincerely hope you found this article helpful and that you decide to try Orgone Energy to help heal your emotional blocks, so you can start feeling better and start enjoying your life to the fullest.

We are sisters, committed to bring powerful healing alternatives and healing education to everyone that is open and believes that there is more to healing, than meets the eye. If we have even added a little bit of light in your path, we have done our job. We wish you many healing blessings and love in your journey.

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