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How Emotional Pain Can Transform Us

By America Martinez-Vilchez

Emotional Pain and Transformation

It seems like to everyone I speak to, the past several months and even years have been quite a challenging time. Everywhere I look there is someone going trough hardships and emotional pain. Emotional pain seems to be everywhere now a days. It looks to be like the pain pressure of the world is building up.

So we ask ourselves, why is this happening to us, why now? and we wish this period of our lives be over soon. But wait! What if The Universe is raising the pressure for a reason and showing us what no longer is working in our lives, forcing us to make changes we don’t want to make. Changes that are hard to accept because they place us in the very vulnerable place of not knowing what the future holds for us. But these changes are necessary, if we wish to move forward in our live’s journey.

If we could think back to an earlier time in our lives when we were going through a difficult time, how did that change us? Can we look back and say, I can’t believe I survive that! Or say, I learned so much from that experience?

Sometimes we look at difficult times, as something that is there to cause us pain, but what about if we change our perspective and look at difficult times as an opportunity for positive growth. A push by the universe to alter our way of thinking, feeling and behaving, so that we can get rid of everything that is no longer serving us. Yes, it is difficult to let go of things we keep doing or experiences we keep having that feel comfortable, but don’t contribute to our personal growth, but it is even more painful and futile to continue doing the same things, behaving in the same way and expecting our lives to change for the better.

Albert Einstein’s once said “ The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. I actually witness insanity in action when I was in university. I was sitting in a lunch room when one student came over and try to get a coke can out of a soft drink machine. I saw him put in the coin, and wait for the can, but the can never came, so he kept pressing the coin return and kept putting the same coin, over and over again, trying to get the soft drink. After 45 minutes of attempting to do this, he finally gave up. I was so in awe, since it took 45 minutes of the same behaviour, before he realized that the coke machine was not working and perhaps needed to try something else.

Being open to try something else for our lives by changing our deep seated negative beliefs, our thoughts, our feelings and ultimately our habits, can help us make tremendous changes in our current situation and can help us find the way out of difficult times.

Having so many resources available for personal growth over the internet, makes it even easier for us to find new information that can guide us to make those needed personal adjustments. There are many inspirational speakers and role models that have gone through situations similar to ours and that offer great wisdom that shows us the many ways available to better handle our troubles. The key for us is to use this knowledge and take action. Knowledge is power only if we put it into practice.

So if we are feeling bad and life is difficult for us, this is our signal that we need to make changes in our lives, seek new information, strengthen our knowledge and put our new acquired wisdom into practice. We need to use the pain that we are experiencing today, as the driving force for positively changing our tomorrow.

We may not be able to control our outside circumstances, but we can definitely control our thoughts, which in turn control our emotions, our actions and ultimately our destiny.

Love to all, until next time!


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