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Lemon essential oil is extracted from the peel of fresh lemons.  It may help to fight exhaustion, help with depression, clear skin, reduce inflammation, reduce anxiety, and may also help to kill harmful viruses and bacteria. 


Additionally, Lemon essential oil may help ease morning sickness, act as a pain reliever, help breath easier, soothe a sore throat, help to feel alert, help to concentrate, treat acne, promote wound healing and has anti fungal properties. 


Lemon essential oil is reported to be safe for pregnant women and babies over three months old.


Lemon essential oil when applied topically, may make your skin more sensitive to irritation from the sun, so it is best to avoid direct sunlight when using it.  


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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this product description should not be considered as a substitute for Doctor's advice. Please consult your Doctor for more details.

Lemon Essential Oil (100% Pure) 10ml

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