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Selenite Collection

The Stone of Spiritual Purity

Selenite is one of the most sacred crystals throughout history. A stone of spiritual purity, light, rejuvenation and feminine energy. Selenite helps to open the crown and higher chakras allowing us to receive more easily, angelic and universal guidance, as well as, eliminate negative thoughts, negative memories, mental blockages and insomnia.  With Selenite we can begin to dissipate all our worries, have more peace in our hearts and become more centred. 

 Selenite is pure white light and its extremely high vibrational   frequency, uplifts our spirit and increases our vibrational energy.  It is a powerful and essential crystal to have at home, as it helps to purify, clear, cleanse and uplift everyone and everything.  It can also be used to recharge and renew the energy of other crystals.  

We invite you to explore the Divine Sisters’ product collection of beautiful and powerful Selenite Crystals.

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