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Shungite Orgone

Most Powerful Energy Healing Tool in Alternative Medicine

Discover the next most powerful energy healing tool in alternative medicine. 

Shungite orgone is a combination product that brings together two powerful healing energy sources, Shungite Gemstones and Orgone Energy.

Separately Shungite and Orgone energies have been used in alternative healing, to treat many physical ailments, emotional issues and energetic imbalances. 

Together they are a powerhouse that can help:

  • Protect you from EMFs and negative energy.  

  • Dissolve all energy blockages that can cause health and emotional issues.


  • Strengthen your intuition and receive clearer guidance. 

  • Raise your energy vibration, so that you feel more positive, more energetic and more excited about life. Ready to take action and take advantage of new opportunities. 

  • And much much more!


We invite you to experience the powerful healing and protective energy of our Shungite Orgone products and feel the difference that these products can make in your life.  

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