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Divine Sisters Academy of Healing Arts

Online Family Entertainment



Learn valuable wisdom and know how, from a variety of Metaphysical, Energy healing, Emotional Healing, Self improvement, Nutrition and do it yourself courses.

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Online Learning



Carefully designed programs that give you valuable step by step practical know how, wisdom and one on one support, with several of life’s issues, so that you can make strong and lasting positive changes in your life.

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Explore the healing power of hypnosis.  Learn how hypnosis can help you effectively heal a variety of health, personal and emotional issues.   Positive Changes begin in your subconscious mind. 

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Sitting on a Bench

Meditation Portal

Go on a journey of tranquility, peace and self-discovery.  Connect to your higher wisdom.  Discover the healing powers of mediation.

Conference Seating

In Person Workshops

Join us in person for several interactive learning workshops.  These workshops will cover metaphysical, nutrition, meditation, energy healing self-improvement topics and much more. 

Networking Event

One Day


Exciting interactive events designed to bring out the creative spirit in you. A community learning experience like no other.  Join us for fun learning and discovery.

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