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*By Appointment ONLY*
  • Provide you with valuable specific guidance to help you experience pos...
    225 Canadian dollars
  • Assess Progress and Provide Additional Guidance
    170 Canadian dollars
  • Perfect for those who are going through a spiritual awakening, illness...
    150 Canadian dollars
  • Discuss personal concerns & guidance on general issues affecting you
    135 Canadian dollars
  • Dissolves energy blockages and re-connects your energy to the divine.
    180 Canadian dollars
  • Experience the true life changing power of Reiki energy.
    135 Canadian dollars
  • To help children deal with social pressures, anxiety and other health ...
    75 Canadian dollars
  • Clears you energy field of negative energy and dissolves energy blocks
    180 Canadian dollars
  • Re-connect to Divine Source and Manifest Your True Heart's Desires
    250 Canadian dollars
  • Promotes Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Healing
    135 Canadian dollars
  • Restores the harmonious flow of energy in your chakra system
    135 Canadian dollars
  • To assist you in all areas of your life and Well-Being - Flower essen...
    180 Canadian dollars
  • Find and heal the true root cause of your health and life issues
    180 Canadian dollars
  • Heal your current life by exploring your past lives
    250 Canadian dollars
  • Treatment covers reflex points in the head, the feet and the hands
    150 Canadian dollars
  • Help detoxify the body, reduce inflammation, pain and increase energy.
    135 Canadian dollars
  • Relieves stress, anxiety and helps you sleep better
    135 Canadian dollars
  • Improves Blood Flow, Reduces Pain and Inflammation
    135 Canadian dollars
  • It helps your body and mind achieve complete and deep relaxation and b...
    250 Canadian dollars
  • Relaxes the body, dissolves energy blockages and encourages healing
    250 Canadian dollars
Location Address:
Harmony Health & Well-Being Clinic
231 King St. E.
2nd Floor 
Oshawa, ON L1H 1C5
Contact Info:
+1 (289) 269-2534
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